Ever since I saw an advertisement of Nokia 1600 phone with color screen, loud-speaker and alarm clock, I became a Nokia fan, not a fan of cellphones but of Nokia.n

Everywhere there were cutouts of this phone and everyone was using the Soulful ringtone. It was festive season me and mum bought it, asked the shopkeeper to show demo on how the basic feature work, he explained with a lot of enthusiasm, kept the bill and the box with the phone in the bag, off we were to home. After coming home i was hooked up to the 1600 set, and was amazed on changing the ringtone, trying the alarm clock, setting alarm every two minutes and keeping it aside, staring at the phone, waiting for the alarm to ring. After doing all the basic stuffs about calling, texting and setting ringtones , it was the turn of themes, even the word theme seems so advanced for a such a basic set as all it changed was the background color and yet it was so fascinating, the transition from black and white to color phones!!.

Yet technically it wasn’t my phone, though I used it 24×7 , it wasn’t mine………… I had to wait for 4 years.

The time was right, the reason was right and everything was falling into place for my very first phone. After my 10th standard examination all the emphasis at home was to select a college and there were three college’s mother said would apply but I knew i was always going the college that was nearest to my home.

With college selection done, I moved on to the next agenda which was my top priority, a cellphone !. So I asked mother if I could buy one, she said yes, after a week or so I bought the most amazing thing NOKIA SUPERNOVA 7210, there were advertisements of Priyanka Chopra endorsing the series, but that wasn’t the reason to buy this. Many of my new and old friends were buying Nokia express music but I felt it was bit bulky though it had buttons for the music outside ( this was the reason for few to buy the phone ) and had a better design. But I went for Nokia Supernova 7210 just because it was slim, had a cheeky look and was almost full black.

The first task was to fill the phone with music, videos, games and theme’s. The coolest thing was giving a best name for our Bluetooth, my friends had some awesome unique names for theirs.  And mine was TROJAN because I had just watched the movie TROY.s

Once those tasks were I was in constant search of new themes, if the guy beside me had a good theme I asked him to send it ( via Bluetooth a big thing then). Manchester United theme was my favorite one

Messaging in alpha-numeric keypad was boring and hard but there was T9 dictionary that made things pretty easy.

I cannot imagine the length of time I have spent on the phone texting my best friend and how i became the master of typing without looking at the screen. I guess all my friends were masters too. And this was put to full use when sitting in class listening to teacher but at the same replying to messages without looking at the screen, damn I wish I could do that with today’s touch screen phones.

Looking back now, I still wonder how crazy was I who found insane fun in changing themes, sending songs, playing PES Soccer via Bluetooth ( ha ha ) in our college library, making a playlist of my favorite songs and listening to it while walking from home to bus stop every morning while going for tuition.

It’s been six years since I bought Nokia Supernova 7210 and its still working though the keypad panel is gone, thanks to my excessive texting, but I am happy that it still has life in it, and every time i look at it, it brings a smile on my face and says I will always be your number one.

Indeed it is my number one, and will ever will be………….