Doordarshan, Cricket, Sachin, Landline BSNL connection with incoming, outgoing and std, Cable TV, Car, Bajaj Moped, Cassettes, Floppy Disks, Serials, Cartoons and those television advertisements……That was what we had, it was more than enough.

Waking up at 6 and sitting in a corner waiting for my daily glass of milk with bournvita was how my day used to begin. 7:30am auto mama used to come and off was I to school. And everything in between was blur and all that was clear was the punishment and talkative tag that I had in school. Back home by 3 and my day used to start then…………

Our usual routine was to play cricket from 4pm to 6pm at our home-ground the streets, conducive for all batting, bowling and very much dangerous for fielding. The fielder had to be aware of the batsman, the walls, the roads, and the vehicles. The rules of cricket were more complex than the present ICC rules because all the rules depended on the walls where the stumps were drawn using a broken piece of brick ( ittangi , orange in color ).

In between these matches came the real fun, chasing the ball, taking it out from the gutter, yelling at the batsman, giving batting or bowling to an elder.Cheating with the score.

Helicopter was always a fascination to me and my friends and even today I wonder why did we run in the general direction of the flying machine and yell ” helicaptaaaaaaaaaaaaar ” , like the pilot would listen to our calls and land on our roof and give us a ride to the horizon.

Sundays were totally different and we really had a hobby of drawing, painting, collecting stamps or coins. Sundays were so typical,  begin with Rangoli at 8, waste time till 12 and then India’s first super hero Shaktimaan, I still remember adjusting the antenna to get a clear DD or going to friends home despite mother saying watch the blur DD. How can I forget DD changing to DD chandana ( karnataka ) at 2:50pm or so and 8pm back to DD1……….and the 4pm movies on Saturday and Sunday’s. All women sitting and watching those kannada melodramatic movies !! but I do not know the stories because I was off to play.

Anybody who had a bike or cable tv or car were rich and had a status. And everything we viewed with interest, unlike today. Now nothing is interesting, all have a phone, tv, bike etc etc.

My list of favorites.

1. Swaaaamiiiiiiii……..Malgudi Days

2. Shaktimaan

3. DD Rangoli.

4. Those DD advertisements of Vico, Nirma and Hamara Bajaj.

5. Sachin Tendulkar’s imitation that I used to do………yeah that was the time when I was a Sachin fan, Who Wasn’t.

6. First cable connection, 200 per month was literally expensive those days for 80 odd channels.

7. Going to Cinema theatre to watch the movie.

8. Camera, then was used to take pictures and we posed for not to waste the film and mum was a constant watch behind the shot. That’s why all our photo’s at that time had our shoulder’s up and straight.

9. Cassette, buying new cassettes for walkman.

10. Buying new dress, shoes, slippers because we were to visit relatives in summer holidays.

11. Studying whole year to get a CAMEL SCHOLAR orange plus yellow colored compass-box in next June.

12. Newspaper, letters, PCO-STD booth were still relevant.

I know I have missed many things, well all are in memory and cannot be penned into words. I am sure you all have all such memories , and many more.

Looking back now, I wonder how did we make it. I cannot stand a minute without internet, cellphone, back then all we had were books, atlas, toys, bicycle, mum & dad who always had answers.

Today nothing is big thing, all fancy things we own, we are active on social networks but lack social life. Nothing is a surprise now, nothing is new.

How I wish I was a kid and relive all those days and really enjoy those moments again.

Missed lot many things here……………

but they are your’s to relive, your life has many more moments. Take five minutes to relive them, if possible talk to your parents, siblings, childhood friends and everyone who has been a part of your journey so far.

Thank you to all who were part of that journey