“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill 


While waiting for the train I was saying to my friend how seats will be available in this train and how easily we can cover the twelve-hour journey. Little did I know the Express train was literally full, I mean people were standing on stairs and yelling insiders to make way for people standing out. I was staggered, yet we said let’s go………. and we got in somehow.

A trip, is like a dish, it needs the right ingredients in a proper proportion. And it needs the right amount of time to be on the stove for it to cook and be delicious.

Trip with friends is a mode to get off the daily dose of boredom and work load, plus it also helps to deepen your relationship with your “gang”, understand them better and explore their unknown behaviors and adjust with it. And of course you’ll have the long-lasting memories and stories !!.

This is what a gang should consist of

Connoisseur:  The Judge

He’s the guy with wisdom, the best judge among you, who will plan the trip by eliminating all the non-sense yet funny jokes that take place while planning.

Samaritan: Saviour

We are his “damsel in distress”  and he helps us in all the situations, he does the talking, the walking and the bargaining !! .

Mr. Money: $$$$

Guy with money, no he doesn’t flaunt it. But we all know he brings it, so that he can take care of all the needs and WE HAVE TO PAY him later, or we don’t !!

The Joker:  Why So Serioussssaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

The clown, who makes you laugh no matter how mundane the situation is and no matter how serious you are. Without him no trip is complete.

Man vs Wild Guy:  Adventurous

He always has wings, his mind is a bird which cannot be caged. He has the most outrageous idea’s which seem funny and in retrospect we feel we should have given it a shot, it would’ve been fun.

I went on a journey and it was one memorable trip. It not only helped me relax my mind and enjoy the nature but it also taught me something.

Survival !

Yes ! We now can go anywhere, once that initial fear of coming out of your comforting environment is gone, we know we can do it. In a place where we didn’t know the language, or had a place to stay and didn’t know where to go. We did it, we searched it, we managed and we came back, without a scratch with lots of experience in our quiver.

Special thanks to my friends for tolerating my relentless talking and non-sense jokes. And thank you for laughing, all the time. Sorry for being rude and a bit jolly at times.

*All the member of the gang are fictitious and my friends do not posses any qualities stated.

( sarcasm )

Image Source: Google- as always.