secondIntrovert – a person characterized by concern primarily     with his or her own thoughts and feelings…………

Extrovert – a person characterized by extroversion; a person concerned primarily with the physical and social environment………..

The above two definitions are vague because these two characters are entwined within ourselves, one stronger than the other. Both have a dark side.

Ambivert – one whose personality type is intermediate between extrovert and introvert.

         We live in a world of stereotypes, which we don’t want to shred. I mean, when and why did the extroverts becomes insensitive, rude and arrogant people ? And why do introverts always need attention, care and be looked after ?. It’s a question to debate……. and more importantly needs self-introspection.

Extroverts are loving, happy, carefree people who like to talk, talk, talk, party, go on trips etc etc……. and introverts, well, nerds, no-confindent lousy home sitting people with zero adventurous attitude !!. Hello, wait who passed that judgement ? May be extroverts on introverts and vice versa……. Now that’s the type of stereotypes I am talking about.

Both extroverts and introverts need a little understanding…….. I am saying that because am a self-proclaimed ex-in-trovert ( ambivert )…….. Am different with different people……

People need to understand what an EXTROVERT goes through


You’re the one who keeps the conversation going, even if its dull, even when people want to just get the hell out there, yet there you are cheering them up.

Even when you don’t want, people expect it out of you.


24×7 you need to be happy, cheerful and up,up, up ,uppppppppppp. You are not supposed to have problems of your own, as you’ve been branded as a carefree guy. And once you display that emotion you are cursed, mocked and much more importantly people around you get offended by that.


Partying, going on trips means you’re a shallow person, who just lives the moment and you do not have a private life. Since when did going out, being a bit adventurous become superficial or shallow ?

4. DUMB- 

If you’re extrovert, you’re DUMB plain and simple. You’ve no thoughts like the introvert’s do, why ? because of you do not have your own space and time.

Now lets talk about  INTROVERTS


They’re not nerds, embarrassing bunch of awkward’s who hate partying. Actually they love partying but not in a loud way but have a pleasant talk with loved ones in the party.


I live in a my shell and I have a world around it. That’s perfectly okay. One does not need be an open book. But if I get to know you after few interactions I will let you in my shell and you shall me in a whole new avatar.


Especially when I am the center of attention, please do not throw me a grand party. Instead lets have a small gathering of close friends.

                 I am sure many of us have faced such situations. We are ambiverts in more ways than we know. How many times in a day have we reacted differently to different people. We just need to understand the characteristics others display.

                 Is it necessary for us to brand and purge people as extroverts or introverts. Why cannot we just accept them as they are ? Is naming so important ?

Aren’t we a bit of both…………………… ?