I was sitting there on my chair with a novel in my hand, reading the story with immense fascination. I glanced on my table and saw an image of the protagonist come to life and ask  ” Will you fight for justice and for pride” , with a feeble voice I said ” Yes, I will “. With that swearing of my allegiance to the hero I began a journey as Commander in Chief of his army.

                     Thousands of brave men wearing strong armors, holding spears, bows and quiver full of arrows stood outside on the open lands in unison waiting for the King to give the marching orders for the battle that lay ahead. The king was in his chambers along with his Commander in Chief , ” Me ! “, patiently sitting and listening to the battle plans, as I explained it to him.

                     “We should take fifty men and four elephants on the left flank , same on the right flank. The central attack must be divided into two lines with You leading a barrage of attack and I leading our brave men on the second barrage”. The king nodded in approval. “The archers, should be at the back with in range and point at the in coming army just long enough to break their first line of defence and give us the edge over them”.

                      The king made up his mind and stormed out with pride, honor and the victory beaming in his eyes, I followed suit. We battled hard and lost nearly three hundred men but the battle was won.

                      Just then I realized it was  dark, i was still sitting on my chair with no lights in my room. I was caught in awe, where are my soldiers, my brave soldiers………….. My king, My sword……….. My blood stained armor………. !!!!

                      Then reality struck and struck hard, it was just my imagination. My fascinating story had just come to life and i was playing a crucial role and winning. I just wish life was as easy as it was during the battle, draw a couple of line, string in a bunch of soldiers to attack, have archers as back up. No it isn’t, in life I am the king and the pawn.

PS: I later that night killed the King and became the Emperor and ruled for long, long time. Amassing huge appreciation of my people and bringing prosperity to the kingdom.