Trust your instincts, and make judgements on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you.

Supernova – My first cellphone.

Ever since I saw an advertisement of Nokia 1600 phone with color screen, loud-speaker and alarm clock, I became a Nokia fan, not a fan of cellphones but of Nokia.n

Everywhere there were cutouts of this phone and everyone was using the Soulful ringtone. It was festive season me and mum bought it, asked the shopkeeper to show demo on how the basic feature work, he explained with a lot of enthusiasm, kept the bill and the box with the phone in the bag, off we were to home. After coming home i was hooked up to the 1600 set, and was amazed on changing the ringtone, trying the alarm clock, setting alarm every two minutes and keeping it aside, staring at the phone, waiting for the alarm to ring. After doing all the basic stuffs about calling, texting and setting ringtones , it was the turn of themes, even the word theme seems so advanced for a such a basic set as all it changed was the background color and yet it was so fascinating, the transition from black and white to color phones!!.

Yet technically it wasn’t my phone, though I used it 24×7 , it wasn’t mine………… I had to wait for 4 years.

The time was right, the reason was right and everything was falling into place for my very first phone. After my 10th standard examination all the emphasis at home was to select a college and there were three college’s mother said would apply but I knew i was always going the college that was nearest to my home.

With college selection done, I moved on to the next agenda which was my top priority, a cellphone !. So I asked mother if I could buy one, she said yes, after a week or so I bought the most amazing thing NOKIA SUPERNOVA 7210, there were advertisements of Priyanka Chopra endorsing the series, but that wasn’t the reason to buy this. Many of my new and old friends were buying Nokia express music but I felt it was bit bulky though it had buttons for the music outside ( this was the reason for few to buy the phone ) and had a better design. But I went for Nokia Supernova 7210 just because it was slim, had a cheeky look and was almost full black.

The first task was to fill the phone with music, videos, games and theme’s. The coolest thing was giving a best name for our Bluetooth, my friends had some awesome unique names for theirs.  And mine was TROJAN because I had just watched the movie TROY.s

Once those tasks were I was in constant search of new themes, if the guy beside me had a good theme I asked him to send it ( via Bluetooth a big thing then). Manchester United theme was my favorite one

Messaging in alpha-numeric keypad was boring and hard but there was T9 dictionary that made things pretty easy.

I cannot imagine the length of time I have spent on the phone texting my best friend and how i became the master of typing without looking at the screen. I guess all my friends were masters too. And this was put to full use when sitting in class listening to teacher but at the same replying to messages without looking at the screen, damn I wish I could do that with today’s touch screen phones.

Looking back now, I still wonder how crazy was I who found insane fun in changing themes, sending songs, playing PES Soccer via Bluetooth ( ha ha ) in our college library, making a playlist of my favorite songs and listening to it while walking from home to bus stop every morning while going for tuition.

It’s been six years since I bought Nokia Supernova 7210 and its still working though the keypad panel is gone, thanks to my excessive texting, but I am happy that it still has life in it, and every time i look at it, it brings a smile on my face and says I will always be your number one.

Indeed it is my number one, and will ever will be………….


A walk down the memory lane

Doordarshan, Cricket, Sachin, Landline BSNL connection with incoming, outgoing and std, Cable TV, Car, Bajaj Moped, Cassettes, Floppy Disks, Serials, Cartoons and those television advertisements……That was what we had, it was more than enough.

Waking up at 6 and sitting in a corner waiting for my daily glass of milk with bournvita was how my day used to begin. 7:30am auto mama used to come and off was I to school. And everything in between was blur and all that was clear was the punishment and talkative tag that I had in school. Back home by 3 and my day used to start then…………

Our usual routine was to play cricket from 4pm to 6pm at our home-ground the streets, conducive for all batting, bowling and very much dangerous for fielding. The fielder had to be aware of the batsman, the walls, the roads, and the vehicles. The rules of cricket were more complex than the present ICC rules because all the rules depended on the walls where the stumps were drawn using a broken piece of brick ( ittangi , orange in color ).

In between these matches came the real fun, chasing the ball, taking it out from the gutter, yelling at the batsman, giving batting or bowling to an elder.Cheating with the score.

Helicopter was always a fascination to me and my friends and even today I wonder why did we run in the general direction of the flying machine and yell ” helicaptaaaaaaaaaaaaar ” , like the pilot would listen to our calls and land on our roof and give us a ride to the horizon.

Sundays were totally different and we really had a hobby of drawing, painting, collecting stamps or coins. Sundays were so typical,  begin with Rangoli at 8, waste time till 12 and then India’s first super hero Shaktimaan, I still remember adjusting the antenna to get a clear DD or going to friends home despite mother saying watch the blur DD. How can I forget DD changing to DD chandana ( karnataka ) at 2:50pm or so and 8pm back to DD1……….and the 4pm movies on Saturday and Sunday’s. All women sitting and watching those kannada melodramatic movies !! but I do not know the stories because I was off to play.

Anybody who had a bike or cable tv or car were rich and had a status. And everything we viewed with interest, unlike today. Now nothing is interesting, all have a phone, tv, bike etc etc.

My list of favorites.

1. Swaaaamiiiiiiii……..Malgudi Days

2. Shaktimaan

3. DD Rangoli.

4. Those DD advertisements of Vico, Nirma and Hamara Bajaj.

5. Sachin Tendulkar’s imitation that I used to do………yeah that was the time when I was a Sachin fan, Who Wasn’t.

6. First cable connection, 200 per month was literally expensive those days for 80 odd channels.

7. Going to Cinema theatre to watch the movie.

8. Camera, then was used to take pictures and we posed for not to waste the film and mum was a constant watch behind the shot. That’s why all our photo’s at that time had our shoulder’s up and straight.

9. Cassette, buying new cassettes for walkman.

10. Buying new dress, shoes, slippers because we were to visit relatives in summer holidays.

11. Studying whole year to get a CAMEL SCHOLAR orange plus yellow colored compass-box in next June.

12. Newspaper, letters, PCO-STD booth were still relevant.

I know I have missed many things, well all are in memory and cannot be penned into words. I am sure you all have all such memories , and many more.

Looking back now, I wonder how did we make it. I cannot stand a minute without internet, cellphone, back then all we had were books, atlas, toys, bicycle, mum & dad who always had answers.

Today nothing is big thing, all fancy things we own, we are active on social networks but lack social life. Nothing is a surprise now, nothing is new.

How I wish I was a kid and relive all those days and really enjoy those moments again.

Missed lot many things here……………

but they are your’s to relive, your life has many more moments. Take five minutes to relive them, if possible talk to your parents, siblings, childhood friends and everyone who has been a part of your journey so far.

Thank you to all who were part of that journey


It’s been six days since I wrote my last blog.

Six days I kept thinking what to write ? Hey, here’s a thought this might be good to write ! after two or three sentences it was out of the window. And my mind started to wander again thinking about various topics.

Busy with daily chores I sat to write, didn’t write a word for first ten minutes, my idle mind said lets see whats going on television….. Same old, same old…. Politics, deaths, songs, movies, daily soaps, sports !

Scared ? never again ! I have my friends.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill 


While waiting for the train I was saying to my friend how seats will be available in this train and how easily we can cover the twelve-hour journey. Little did I know the Express train was literally full, I mean people were standing on stairs and yelling insiders to make way for people standing out. I was staggered, yet we said let’s go………. and we got in somehow.

A trip, is like a dish, it needs the right ingredients in a proper proportion. And it needs the right amount of time to be on the stove for it to cook and be delicious.

Trip with friends is a mode to get off the daily dose of boredom and work load, plus it also helps to deepen your relationship with your “gang”, understand them better and explore their unknown behaviors and adjust with it. And of course you’ll have the long-lasting memories and stories !!.

This is what a gang should consist of

Connoisseur:  The Judge

He’s the guy with wisdom, the best judge among you, who will plan the trip by eliminating all the non-sense yet funny jokes that take place while planning.

Samaritan: Saviour

We are his “damsel in distress”  and he helps us in all the situations, he does the talking, the walking and the bargaining !! .

Mr. Money: $$$$

Guy with money, no he doesn’t flaunt it. But we all know he brings it, so that he can take care of all the needs and WE HAVE TO PAY him later, or we don’t !!

The Joker:  Why So Serioussssaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

The clown, who makes you laugh no matter how mundane the situation is and no matter how serious you are. Without him no trip is complete.

Man vs Wild Guy:  Adventurous

He always has wings, his mind is a bird which cannot be caged. He has the most outrageous idea’s which seem funny and in retrospect we feel we should have given it a shot, it would’ve been fun.

I went on a journey and it was one memorable trip. It not only helped me relax my mind and enjoy the nature but it also taught me something.

Survival !

Yes ! We now can go anywhere, once that initial fear of coming out of your comforting environment is gone, we know we can do it. In a place where we didn’t know the language, or had a place to stay and didn’t know where to go. We did it, we searched it, we managed and we came back, without a scratch with lots of experience in our quiver.

Special thanks to my friends for tolerating my relentless talking and non-sense jokes. And thank you for laughing, all the time. Sorry for being rude and a bit jolly at times.

*All the member of the gang are fictitious and my friends do not posses any qualities stated.

( sarcasm )

Image Source: Google- as always.

Introvert or Extrovert….. We are Ambivert.

secondIntrovert – a person characterized by concern primarily     with his or her own thoughts and feelings…………

Extrovert – a person characterized by extroversion; a person concerned primarily with the physical and social environment………..

The above two definitions are vague because these two characters are entwined within ourselves, one stronger than the other. Both have a dark side.

Ambivert – one whose personality type is intermediate between extrovert and introvert.

         We live in a world of stereotypes, which we don’t want to shred. I mean, when and why did the extroverts becomes insensitive, rude and arrogant people ? And why do introverts always need attention, care and be looked after ?. It’s a question to debate……. and more importantly needs self-introspection.

Extroverts are loving, happy, carefree people who like to talk, talk, talk, party, go on trips etc etc……. and introverts, well, nerds, no-confindent lousy home sitting people with zero adventurous attitude !!. Hello, wait who passed that judgement ? May be extroverts on introverts and vice versa……. Now that’s the type of stereotypes I am talking about.

Both extroverts and introverts need a little understanding…….. I am saying that because am a self-proclaimed ex-in-trovert ( ambivert )…….. Am different with different people……

People need to understand what an EXTROVERT goes through


You’re the one who keeps the conversation going, even if its dull, even when people want to just get the hell out there, yet there you are cheering them up.

Even when you don’t want, people expect it out of you.


24×7 you need to be happy, cheerful and up,up, up ,uppppppppppp. You are not supposed to have problems of your own, as you’ve been branded as a carefree guy. And once you display that emotion you are cursed, mocked and much more importantly people around you get offended by that.


Partying, going on trips means you’re a shallow person, who just lives the moment and you do not have a private life. Since when did going out, being a bit adventurous become superficial or shallow ?

4. DUMB- 

If you’re extrovert, you’re DUMB plain and simple. You’ve no thoughts like the introvert’s do, why ? because of you do not have your own space and time.

Now lets talk about  INTROVERTS


They’re not nerds, embarrassing bunch of awkward’s who hate partying. Actually they love partying but not in a loud way but have a pleasant talk with loved ones in the party.


I live in a my shell and I have a world around it. That’s perfectly okay. One does not need be an open book. But if I get to know you after few interactions I will let you in my shell and you shall me in a whole new avatar.


Especially when I am the center of attention, please do not throw me a grand party. Instead lets have a small gathering of close friends.

                 I am sure many of us have faced such situations. We are ambiverts in more ways than we know. How many times in a day have we reacted differently to different people. We just need to understand the characteristics others display.

                 Is it necessary for us to brand and purge people as extroverts or introverts. Why cannot we just accept them as they are ? Is naming so important ?

Aren’t we a bit of both…………………… ?

An Evening amidst imagination !


                       I was sitting there on my chair with a novel in my hand, reading the story with immense fascination. I glanced on my table and saw an image of the protagonist come to life and ask  ” Will you fight for justice and for pride” , with a feeble voice I said ” Yes, I will “. With that swearing of my allegiance to the hero I began a journey as Commander in Chief of his army.

                     Thousands of brave men wearing strong armors, holding spears, bows and quiver full of arrows stood outside on the open lands in unison waiting for the King to give the marching orders for the battle that lay ahead. The king was in his chambers along with his Commander in Chief , ” Me ! “, patiently sitting and listening to the battle plans, as I explained it to him.

                     “We should take fifty men and four elephants on the left flank , same on the right flank. The central attack must be divided into two lines with You leading a barrage of attack and I leading our brave men on the second barrage”. The king nodded in approval. “The archers, should be at the back with in range and point at the in coming army just long enough to break their first line of defence and give us the edge over them”.

                      The king made up his mind and stormed out with pride, honor and the victory beaming in his eyes, I followed suit. We battled hard and lost nearly three hundred men but the battle was won.

                      Just then I realized it was  dark, i was still sitting on my chair with no lights in my room. I was caught in awe, where are my soldiers, my brave soldiers………….. My king, My sword……….. My blood stained armor………. !!!!

                      Then reality struck and struck hard, it was just my imagination. My fascinating story had just come to life and i was playing a crucial role and winning. I just wish life was as easy as it was during the battle, draw a couple of line, string in a bunch of soldiers to attack, have archers as back up. No it isn’t, in life I am the king and the pawn.

PS: I later that night killed the King and became the Emperor and ruled for long, long time. Amassing huge appreciation of my people and bringing prosperity to the kingdom.

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